Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Hola Familia y amigos!
I hope all is well. This week was super crazy. A lot has happened here. I don't have much time but on Wednesday of this week President called me and told me that because our mission has 2 countries we will now have 2 Assistants to the President and that me and another Elder named Elder Barrios are going to be the Assistants in Paraguay. Basically what we are asigned to do is help out President and all the missionaries and motivate them to teach repentance and baptize. We will be traveling a lot which will be crazy to do divisions with other missionaries and conferences and stuff but it will be great to help the mission out get them pumped up to be great missionaries! I had to go to Argentina the next day to learn how to drive a stick shift truck!

To end off I just want ot share a miracle that happened recently in our mission. So this week we had a Conference with all of the mission in Argentina with 2 seventies that came, Elder Brague and Elder Cristenson. When President Svec told us about it about a month ago there was a huge problem because a bunch of the missionaries in Paraguay had Visa problems and wouldn't be able to cross without paying a huge fine. President and Hermana Svec told us that the mission wouldn't be able to pay for it eiter and it was pretty expensive. So the whole mission picked a day to fast and pray so that all the missionaries could cross to Argentina and so that we could have this giant confereence. At first there were 38 missionaries that couldn't cross. It seemed almost impossible that they would be able cross without paying. But to make it short the last Sunday the whole mission fasted and prayed, and when the day of the conference came every missionary crossed in the mission without paying anything. Wowww...what a miracle. It was incredible. The power of fasting and prayer is real. God is listening and I know he answered many prayers this week with the conference. The conference was incredible, the whole mission was there, and the Spirit was so strong. I love this work. I know it is truly the Lord's work! Love you guys, have a great week! 

Elder Reilly 

(A couple excerpts from Rhett's dad's letter too)
Elder Brague and Elder Cristenson came and talked and it was amazing, the Spirit was so strong. I feel like it really motivated the whole mission to really open our mouths, and find those people that are prepared for us. He used the example of Peter and Cornelius in Acts where Peter was led by the Spirit to find Cornelius who was had been praying and fasting and was waiting for him just days before. We can all have our own Cornelius we just have to have enough love for these people and open our mouths! I loved it, it was awesome. I'm little nervous but feel very grateful and excited to be able to lead the mission and help save our bruthas and sistas! Love Ya!


Hola Familia y amigos! Les quiero mucho y espero que estén bien!

This week was actually a REALLY tough one, but I'm not letting it get me down. We had committed many investigators to come to church, but very few came and that was a little sad. I only desire the best for these people and I know that if they keep the commitments that we extend to them then they will be so blessed and so much happier so it's sad when they don't keep them!

This week a really cool miracle happened. We have been teaching a man named Jose Ventura and he has a really tough situation. He is separated from his family and he has been living in the street without a job for about 3 weks now. We talked to him early in the week and he commented to us that he no longer had the energy to keep fighting and that he no longer wanted to live. His last opportunity for a job had just fallen through and he was super bummed out. We were able to comfort him by sharing this scripture(it's not exact I don't have it memorized in English), "My son, peace be unto thy soul. Thy suffering and thy afflictions shall be but a small moment. And if thou endure it well, ye shall be exalted on high." The moment was just so powerful. He bagan to cry and so did I because I just felt the love that God had for him. We were able to give him hope and help him keep fighting. We were tools in God´s hands! How special. The next day, Jose began to talk with a less active member of our Church(he didn't know at the time) in front of a public bathroom and tell him his situation. That member gave Jose a place to stay for one year without charge. The next day Jose found a job! God blesses those who persevere! 

I have no more time but know that I love and miss you all. Keep persevering!

Elder Reilly

Monday, November 6, 2017

Rhett - Trick or Treat

Hola Familia y amigos!
Espero que todo este muy bien. I don't have much time to write but it was another busy, great week. We were able to see some great things happen. Rosaly, her sister, and Marisa all came to church this week. Marisa has really gotten to know the members now and there is a new light in her when she comes to church. She just seems like such a happy person now, it's been awesome to see the change in her. Also, Rosaly has been reading the Book of Mormon a lot and feels really good about it. This week she invited one of her friends to the lesson so that we could share with her too!

We have been working with the Rojas family who is also progressing a lot. The husband has told us multiple times how much he really wants to change and help his family come closer to God. Life has been a little bit tough for them and I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ will help them to have that change. I am very excited for them, and I know it will bless them so much. One thing I have learned from this week is about faith and commitment. Heavenly Father has so many prepared blessings for us, that if we just have the faith and are commited we can recieve. When we are truly committed and show our faith to follow Jesus Christ, that is when the change takes place AND that is when we can feel the joy the Gospel brings. I think it is great to know that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us and has provided a way for us to return to live with Him and have all that He has. That sounds like the greatest plan ever to me! That's because it is.. I know that that's true and am here serving the people of Paraguay because of it. I love you all y espero que tengan una muy buena semana!
Elder Reilly


Hola everyone!

It was another great week. We are teaching many people and we got a few of them to church this week so that was great! I think we found the secret here! We just have to find all of the people who aren't from Argentina and then they're really nice haha! We're teaching a really awesome family from Paraguay and they're honestly so nice and loving. When we started teaching them they were so respectful. They just let us in and they give us so much respect because we're "people of God". They're so humble and they desire to become closer to God. I love people like that!

The whole mission has been really struggling with baptisms but our mission President shared a really awesome email with us today. He shared with us the story of when Jesus came to the apostles and told them to cast in their nets on the other side. They didn't understand and they said that they had been fishing all night and hadn't caught anything, but they obeyed anyway. They caught so many fish that their net broke. The natural man can't see what the Lord has in store! Then he shared D&C 4. The field is white and ready to harvest! Metemos la hoz! I love this work! I know the Lord's got some crazy miracles in store! It's gonna be sweet!

Love you and miss you all! Have a great week! Let your light shine!

Elder Reilly!

Monday, October 30, 2017


*Excerpts from Trent's dad's and mom's letters because Trent said he didn't have time to send a main one this week!

Everything was great this week. My new comp and I are killing it. We found a really cool family from Paraguay and there's one kid named Federico that is so cool. He's 19 and he's like my best friend. I feel like I already knew him. We are going to baptize him this month of November!

The ward here is so awesome. I pretty much know them all. The ward is really well run and the members are really nice and hard working. They always give us lunch. Lunch is the biggest meal here. They eat dinner really late so we never eat dinner with them. I love this ward and I'm really excited to work with them!...My comp and I took the third hour with permission from the bishop and talked all about missionary work. We shared a really awesome video. Its called "Ill go where you want me to go". It was great. All the members are excited to get to work. We finished up the ward mission plan and now we're just moving forward!

I'm glad everyone is doing so well! That all sounds so fun! I'm glad that all the family is killing it in sports! Can't say that I'm too surprised!...That's crazy about the world series! Thanks for giving me the info! That kid on the Lakers is the same kid from that high school in California? I'm glad they're doing well. They'll be back on top when I get back. That's so sweet about Morgan and Beau and Trevor! 

I can't believe that Drew has a kid! That's crazy! That sounds really awesome! We are so blessed to have a family with good priesthood men!

The mission is so awesome! I'm loving it. I really feel like I'm just getting everything down and that the Spirit is working through me. I am confident and I don't have fear and I have the faith that God will help me have success! Till next week! 

Elder Reilly


Family and Friends,
I hope you all had a great week. You have all had an impact on my life and I am very grateful for that. I want you all to know that Heavenly Father knows you, loves you, and is always there to help you when you need it. I have been able to see that so many times from being here on the mission, I know it's true. 

With that, this week a good one. It was a really busy week with lots of things to do. One thing that I have been focusing on this week is on our "potential" as missionaries or just in general as people. There are so many things that happen in life that make us feel bad about ourselves or make us put limits on all the potential we have to achieve. I have been able to see that as a missionary this week. When we put our effort forth and do all we can do, the Lord blesses us and helps us achieve the goals we have. This week Elder Barrios and I had some great opportunities to help people see that we really have the potential to live a great life and receive all the blessings that God has in store for us as His children and one day live with Him with our families one day.

One experience we had was with one of our investigators Hermana Rojas. She is about 28 years old and lives with her boyfriend and her almost 4 year old son. We have taught her 3 times, and this week had the oportunity to teach her boyfriend as well. As we were talking to him, we found out that he has had a really tough life and always felt alone growing up. One day he prayed and asked God to bless him with a family and now he has his "wife" or girlfriend and a kid. He told us about how he knows that God listened to him and has blessed him with his family. But he also has told us about how he knows there is something more and how he wants to make changes in his life. We had a lesson with them and told them about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it helps us make changes, become better people, and have an eternal family with God. They seriously loved it so much, it was awesome. We were able to set a baptisimal date for the 25th of November. It makes me so happy to know that we have a Heavenly Father that loves and wants us to come back to Him. If we follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will be able to reach our eternal potential, and have a happy life here on Earth and in the life to come. I love this gospel and know that it is true. I want to invite you all this week to really go out and try to reach your greatest potential. There are no limits."Die on E" baby -Eric Thomas. haha, I love you all, have a great week!
Elder Reilly

The whole mission got hooked up with some wooden placks! I feel like im in woodshop again haha...

It rained a ton this week...


Hello everyone! 

This was a great week here in Neuquen! Wow, the ward is so huge and there are many members ready to help us share the Gospel. I know we will have much success here. I really appreciate a well run ward like this after being in a tiny little branch for so long. We are going to work with all the members and find many people to teach and baptize. 

We are teaching a woman named Laura right now. She came to church yesterday and she is progressing really well. She has a baptismal date coming up and she is just finishing off with her goals to quit smoking. Shes about 65 years old and she's been smoking since she had 14. But with the help of God nothing is impossible! We have daily contact with her and we read the Book of Mormon with her to strenghthen her. She knows it's true. She's felt it's power. I love seeing her change as she applies it's principles to her life. 

I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true without a single doubt because I have felt its POWER. Every time I read it, I feel the power of the Holy Ghost telling me it is true. I was reading this morning in Alma 41 and 42 and I felt the Spirit testifying so strongly to me of the truthfulness of the doctrine. The Spirit enlightens my understanding and I am able to understand the purposes and plans of God. I LOVE the Book of Mormon and I LOVE this Gospel.

I hope all is well! Have a great week! Chau!

Elder Reilly