Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Trent - Almost Mothers Day

Hola Everyone!

This last week was awesome. First of all, last P Day our Mission President took us to Lanin National Park! It was so sweet! He goes home next transfer so it was fun to get some cool time with him before he goes. Love that guy! The national park is really beautiful. There's a volcano and some sweet waterfalls and a volcanic sand beach. We went the whole day so we had no time to write.

We have been trying to talk to EVERYONE we see this week and we have now found a solid group of people to teach. We are being a lot more direct with everyone too. This week three investigators named Luz, Valeria, and Gaston came to church. About two months ago, Elder Johansson and I had contacted and taught Luz and invited her to be baptized but she wasn't very interested in the message so we stopped passing by. Then the other day we contacted Gaston in the street and he was super interested and invited us to his house to share our message. When we get to his house we realize that it is the same one as Luz. We thought she had moved. To our surprise, she was still there and her sister was too. We taught the three of them and they were all super interested. They accepted a baptisimal date for the 2nd of June if God answers their prayers and tells them that our message is true! They had read the Book of Mormon that we left them two months earlier a little bit and now they are ready to receive the gospel. God prepared them quickly. I am so glad that we didn't let Gaston just pass us in the street. We opened our mouth and talked to him and now he's listening to us and coming closer to Christ. God prepares everything and if we can open our mouth he was lead us directly to His prepared children!

Love you and miss you all! I hope all is well at home. Nos vemos pronto!

Elder Reilly

Rhett - Rapiditooooo

Hola Familia!!
I hope your doing good. This week went by super fast, it's insane it's already the last week of the transfer. This week we had a great week. We are seeing a lot of progression in investigators. I really hope to stay here for another transfer. I feel in the next few weeks there will be some great things happening. This transfer as a zone we did an activity where we really focused on service and love, and showing that in everything we do. Being a zone leader it has been awesome hearing all the stories and experiences from the zone in all the different areas. Today we had an activity where every companionship shared an experience or what they were able to learn out of this transfer. The spirit was so strong as they testified about the impact love and service has had on them and in their areas. I feel like the zone is like family. We are all close and know we are all here helping each other out. Love and service really does unite. It has shown me really how when we love and serve we come to love those we are serving and become closer as brothers and sisters! Every day we have the opportunity to serve! Sorry I don't have much time, but having experiences daily on the mission has really helped me come to know on how much the Savior has done and how much He really has served us. We owe him so much...All he asks us to do is come to Him! I love this gospel so much! Much Love
Elder Reilly

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Rhett - Despues Todos que Podemos

Hola familia!
I hope you all had a great week! It's always great to hear from the fam and know how your doing. Congrats Sid! Congratulations on graduating. That is crazy your already done, keep killin it in track!!

This week was a better one than last. Miguel finally came to church! It was awesome to see him there. He really loves the church and knows it's good, he's just gotta follow through! I can see a big change in him though since we first met him until now. 

We also were able to find some awesome new investigators this week. As a zone we have been doing an activity where every week we have a specific focus, and then try and apply it throughout the week. This week we focused on finding new investigators and getting references for new people to visit. It's crazy how the Lord sees our efforts and blesses us according to our actions. I'm not gonna tell the whole story but we were able to find a girl, who had recently passed through something super difficult in her life and we were able to find her and help her out just when she needed it. She now wants to continue to meet with us to come closer to God. I know that God sees our efforts and has a plan for us all. He knows what we want and need and when we trust in Him and do all we can do, He provides the means so we can accomplish great things. I have been able to see that daily here as a missionary! I know this is His work! Love you all, have a great week!
Elder Reilly

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Trent - Time is Flying

Hola Everyone!

This week was great! Elder Johansson and I are working really hard. This week we were finding very few people to teach and then our Ward Mission Leader stepped up and they invited a bunch of people to their house for a family home evening. They made like 10 pizzas and we all ate and then we shared a message. It was sweet. We did a funny little activity. I went around asking everyone one by one if they wanted a galletita and if they said yes, I made my companion do a ton of pushups. If they said no, I also made my companion do a ton of pushups. And I kept going around until Elder Johansson in his shirt and tie was literally dead on the floor and couldn't move his arms and everyone was begging me to make him stop haha. After, we compared the suffering of Elder Johansson to that of Jesus Christ. It does not matter if we accept or not, Jesus Christ suffered for each one of us more than we can imagine. We explained that He suffered much more than Elder Johansson and that He showed us the way to receive the blessings of His suffering, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit came in really strong when we testified of the power and all the relief of our burdens that comes when we follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of the people at the Family Home Evening were not religious and didn't really know who Jesus Christ was so it really helped them to understand. 

We are all so blessed to know who Jesus Christ is. He is the only one who can get us back home to our Heavenly Father! I love this scripture in Matthew 11:28-30:

28 ¶ Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.
30 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.

It's true! All that come unto Christ with have their burdens made light! Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Reilly

Rhett - NDETAVY muitas coisas Ajapo- haha I am now speaking Portuguese, Spanish, and Guaranee

Bom Dia!
What's up brothers and sisters! I hope it was a good week. We had a lot going on this week. On Tuesday we had a meeting called Consejo de Lideres, which is a meeting with the zone leaders to talk about the mission. Then on Wednesday and Thursday we had interviews with President. On Friday we had zone conference...so yeah it was pretty crazy. We had lots of stuff to do. Hermana Svec shared something I thought was cool about the Sabbath Day. She shared with us the story when Moses lifted up the brass serpent and all the people had to do was look and they would be healed. But, because it was so simple, many just walked the other way without looking and in the end passed away. We can compare the story to the Sabbath day...how every Sunday we have the opportunity to be healed, maybe not physically but spiritually. It's something so simple, we just have to go to church and partake of the sacrament, and it gives us the opportunity every week to become clean and start the week right. I thought that was cool and stuck out to me in the conference.

This week was a little bit difficult for a lot of our investigators. A lot of them love when we come by and what we share but just don't want to commit and come to church, so sadly we have had to stop visiting some of them. That's always sad when that happens, but we planted the seed and maybe later they will be ready for the gospel. Edgar is really progressing though. It's pretty crazy, he seems like a completely different person now haha. We can now have normal talks with him as he is cutting off the alcohol and smoking. He has been drinking and smoking a lot less now and wants to stop completely. He keeps telling us to keep passing by because he feels good and knows we can help him.

It's awesome to see the changes he is making! We also had the opportunity to find a new family this week...Familia Ariste. They are a really big family and have been passing through a difficult time as a brother of one of the parents is in the hospital and was going to have surgery the day after we found her. We said a prayer with the mom to give her comfort and to help her know that everything would be ok. She told us after that she felt better about it and that she wanted us to visit her and her brother in the hospital the next day. Pretty crazy, that the next day we had interviews with president in Encarnacion which is right next to the hospital, so we were able to visit her and her husband and say another prayer with them. They felt good after and invited us to pass by their house another day to visit them. I know that the gospel will help them so much. I feel that we were sent to find them that night to help them just when they needed it. I know that the Lord really does answer prayers and if we are willing and have a desire to help others He will put people in our way to serve. I have seen that so much here on the mission, and continue to see it. Mann, the gospel is true!!! I hope you all have a great weeeekkkkk! Much Love,
Elder Reilly

Sorry no pics for this week. I only have 1 of my chileno comp

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Hola Familia!
I hope you all had a great week! I don't have much time but I just want to share an experience that I had this week.

This week we were able to teach a guy named Edgar. I have passed by his house before to visit some investigators that live nearby, and told him we would pass by another day but never went back to teach him. He is a drunk, with one leg, that lives in a house with basically a floor and a bed. This week we were walking by his house and we decided to go over and talk to him. As we started talking he invited us to come and sit in front of his house and you could tell he had been drinking. He told us about his life and how he wants to quit drinking and smoking. Long story short, he has had a really tough life and has been really down with all of the things that have happened. He told us how he wantsd to change and that he knows we can help him. We testified about how with the help of God and Jesus Christ he will be able to change. As we talked back and forth he just started crying and was so grateful that we were there to help. We visited him another time during the week and yesterday he came to church. He seemed so happy at church and says he wants to come every week now! It doesn't matter who we are, where we are from, or what we are doing, Heavenly Father knows each and every one of us and through His son Jesus Christ we can change. I know that that is true! I am so grateful to be a part of this great work and see how the atonement of Jesus Christ is helping peoples lives! I hope you all have a great week, Love you!
Elder Reilly

bautismo de Karina, i look super burned... haha


Little bits from his parents' emails again...Trent didn't send a main letter!

...I'd run through a wall for my Heavenly Father too! That's what the mission has taught me. It's awesome. I feel full of love. Sometimes I just talk to someone in the street, and I already feel like running through a wall for them too. God is filling me with His love.

In the area the work slowed down a little and we had a tough week but we are going to keep working like crazy! We had some people that we had a lot of hope for who are not progressing anymore and we had to stop passing by them so much but we are finding new people ad helping those who are still progressing. I love this week and I am so glad to be here. Really I wouldn't want to be doing anything else anywhere else. I LOVE this work!!!!!

Love you! Til next week!!