Monday, January 15, 2018


This week was awesome! Very successful! Elder Salazar is doing good haha. He is 24 and a recent convert before the mission. He doesn't know the doctrine very well haha but we help him patiently. But I've seen a great change in him. Before he would always get mad like every two seconds over everything it was a little awkward actually haha but now he's become a lot better. It's so awesome how just a little hard work and obedience can change things in a second. We came in and started working and visiting all the members and then the few investigators that the past Elders left us and contacting and it was sweet. The members are hyped to work with us now. There was pretty much one investigator with potential. She had already come to church but she just didn't want to commit to baptism because she didn't understand a few things. We went and visited her and had a an awesome powerful lesson and now she will be baptized this Saturday! Miracle! And her name just happens to be Milagros which means miracles haha. When we were contacting we found a really cool woman named Adrianna. She said she had been waiting for us! She prayed the night before for guidance and then we showed up! She came to church and loved it. We assigned members to wait in the door for her and sit with her and now she already has fellowshipping and everything. She'll be baptized the 27th. What a great week! To answer the questions, we are about 30 minutes walking from our old area. Confluencia is a neighborhood of Neuquen.

Our new apartment is horrible haha! It's like 100 degrees at night and we all sleep in the only room haha. Our president told us to be looking for another apartment haha and he might buy us a little portable air conditioner thing so that should be nice! Everything is great here! Vamos arriba! Love you and miss you!!


Hola Familia!
I hope you all had a great week, and a good start to the New Year. It's been a good start over here. I just want to start off this letter by saying Terevy`aiteke Ra'y!! Happy Birthday to the best Dad in the World! Thanks for all you have done for the family and for me personally, and for always showing us how it's done. I hope I can be a father like you one day. Love you Dad! 

This week was a good one. One of our investigators Sandra is progressing a ton. She has been wanting to get married and baptized ever since we first taught her but has had to wait some time to work things out. We have been teaching her and she loves it and has been coming to church. She now has a baptismal date for the 3rd of February to get married and then baptized the same day. She is so awesome, It has been so great to teach her! Every time we come by she literally jumps up and runs in her house to pull out some chairs so that we can sit down and share. I have been able to see the change and the light take place in her that the gospel has brought. I feel like that is one of the greatest things about being a missionary. Being able to visit people and see the change that Christ makes in their lives, and the joy that comes with it. 

We had transfers this week. There were a lot of changes that were made. The mission with 4 APs wasn't working too well with us being here in Paraguay and the communication and with us having to travel a lot we wasted a lot of time, so President decided that were gonna go back to 2 APs now in Argentina. So we're in an area near Obligado called Capitan Mirando. I will be Zone Leader there with my new comp Elder Prina from Temecula, California! It's gonna be sweet haha. Pretty crazy that he's from Temecula right by VC. I never knew him before the mission, but he's a cool dude and has a love for the people and work! I'm so pumped. It will be my first American comp and he is like 7 feet tall. Haha everyone is gonna be asking us what are we doing here in Paraguay, and we are gonna be able to tell them that we have the best message in the world that will literally change your life! Something cool about it too is that when I was talking to President about Obligado he said that since it's super close, we can go wherever there are baptisms. There are gonna be only sisters there so we are going to basically have 2 areas and will be able to work with our investigators progressing in Obligado and also work in Capitan Mirando. It's gonna be a great transfer!

I just want to end off with my testimony that I know Christ lives and is our Savior. I know that He knows how we feel when we are in pain because He also suffered it. I know that His church has been restored to the Earth. A church that is guided by a prophet of God. I know that God loves us and He has restored Christ's church to bless us and help us return to live with Him once again. I know that the gospel brings us together and allows us to have joy. Love you all, Jajetupata!

Elder Reilly

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Hola a todos!

Today is transfer day and some pretty interesting things happened! I'm staying in the Neuqen Zone as Zone Leader with Elder Eslpin but we got moved to another area in the zone called Confluencia. We are in a trio with another Elder named Elder Salazar from Ecuador. President communicated to us that the reason he wanted us to go to Confluencia is because it's pretty much been in the tank for the last year. It has had very few baptisms and the members don't trust in the missionaries because some disobedient ones have passed through. He wants us to go in and change it all. We have to gain the confidence of the members so they start working with us and we have to find people to teach and just get to work. It's gonna be stressful and crazy but it's
gonna be fun too! I'm really excited to be in an area for a whole transfer and have some good time to just get to work.

Also in our area there's another McDonalds and there's Walmart! We're gonna go to Walmart today and see if we can find some cool stuff from the U.S. Should be fun.

The other day we did this service for a less active member and we got there and he told us we were gonna be digging a huge hole to put his water tank in the ground haha. Oh my gosh it killed us haha. We dug this huge 5 foot deep hole and we were so tired haha, but then the member made us an asado and it was super good so it was all worth it!

I love this time I have to serve God with all I have! feel like he gives me challenges and then teaches me and strengthens me and then gives me more challenges and then strengthens me and teaches me more haha. But it's great. I have progressed a ton and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Love you and miss you all! Have a great week!

Monday, January 8, 2018


Happy New Year!

It was so fun talking to everyone on Christmas! All the kids in the family look so big! It's gonna be so fun to see them when I get back!...We are still in the same area and living with the assistants. It's fun. One of the assistants, Elder Toledo, was my Zone Leader back in Esquel before I became Zone Leader! He's my really good friend. He's from Uruguay but he's learning English and he wants to go to BYU. His family told him that there's no work where they're at so he has to go to the U.S. I hope we can stay friends after!

Everything is great here in the new area. There's only one member in the whole area so we are just contacting and contacting and contacting everyone we see and knocking doors and doing everything we can to find new people and teach them. This transfer ends in a week so I think they'll change some things. I'll probably stay here with Elder Esplin and Elder Jeffris will go to another area. I'm excited! It was so great this New Year because President invited us to the mission home with the office elders and the assistants to eat dinner! It was the best dinner I've eaten in a long time haha. We were all there until like 11 at night just enjoying the time. It was sweet. 

I can't believe that I've been here for this long. It's crazy. The time is just flying by now. I'm so grateful for the mission. I LOVE that I can just dedicate EVERYTHING for two years. I've learned and grown so much! I wouldn't trade it for anything! I'm gonna kill it this second year with the Lords help!

Love you and miss you! I hope all is well at home! Vamos arriba! Till next week!


Hola Familia y Amigos!
Feliz Navidad! Y Feliz Ano Nuevo! Also, Happy Birthday Regan! Love you Regs, I hope you had a good one, thanks for being such a great sister all these years! I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. That was awesome getting to talk to you guys on Christmas. I am so grateful to be a part of our family! Well to start off I'll just say that Christmas was great, I think it's so great becasue it gives us the opportunity to think a little more about Jesus Christ and try to be more like Him as the year finishes. I hope to try and keep this same spirit with me throughout the whole year. I like to think that we can light the world and be doing things Christ would do all year around, not just one month or a day. So let's make it a good one! 

But this week was a good one. Christmas was great, we went to a member's house and ate a huge meal and then after played some football. Haha I brought my football and taught them how to play 3 flags up. Haha everyone that passed by looked at us all crazy, like what are these kids doing playing with a ball that looks like a giant egg. And then after I threw it.. haha I'm pretty sure they could tell I was from America. Something cool with lunch. The family taught me how to hunt down and kill a chicken and then eat it. Haha that was pretty interesting. So if any of you want to eat some pollo in a year just give me a call. Haha later that day at night we went around with the sister missionaries to hospitals and a cemetary and sang Christmas songs to the sick. That was a super cool experience as well. I played the Ukulele which was pretty sweet. And after that the week went really well. I think it was the first one where we actually got to work in our area basically the whole week. We worked super hard and saw some big things happen. We have been working a lot lately in Trinidad which recently started the church. We have been finding some awesome investigators. There is a member family that loves missionary work and me and my comp do divisions with the dad and the son so we have been finding and teaching a bunch with them. The work is growing so much here it's awesome. There have been so many miracles in finding and so many people that are so ready for the gospel in their lives. I can feel the Lord's hand in the work so much. We are able to just be led in the right moment, in the right place, to visit people just when they need it. I feel like we see that on a daily basis. We have been able to find a lot of families that want to get married and come closer to God. It has been great seeing the change in these peoples lives and helping them accomplish that and live closer to Christ.

I want to end off sharing a Scripture in Romans. It's Romans 8:35-39. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that with His help life will all be good. It doesn't matter what comes our way, or what problem we face, if we have the faith and are firm in Christ and our Heavenly Father, nothing can tear apart our road to salvation. I love this work and the gospel, I know it is true and that Jesus Christ lives. I can feel His hand in this work. Lets make this year a good one and Light the World! Love you guys
Elder Reilly

Monday, December 18, 2017


Whats up Fam!
It was another good week. We had lots of stuff to do. We were in Cuidad Del Este doing divisions with some missionaries there and for a zone conference. So that was cool. I got to work with some elders that came with me here in the mission, so that was super fun. We had some awesome lessons together and set some baptismal dates with a few people. It's been cool being able to work with the other missionaries and help them get them fired up about the mission and also getting to learn new ways to teach from other missionaries. I feel like I have become a better missionary because of it. The zone conference was also so awesome. Prez Svec and Hmn Svec went all out haha. We went to the store and bought 2 shopping carts full of a bunch of food and snacks to make stockings for all of the missionaries. Haha everyone in the store were looking at us like what are these fat boys doing buying all those chocolates...haha that was a cool experience though, the zone conference went well and you could feel the Spirit of Christ.

On Saturday we had another Christmas devotional in Encarnacion for the zone that we are actually in. That went pretty well and we were able to be in the choir for the members and investigators there. Another cool thing, during the mission I have been learning to play the Ukulele and have actually learned how to play..haha never knew I could learn music...But I was able to play a song there at the devotional with some other missionaries in front of all of them, and it actually went really well. I have never sang or played an instrument in front of anyone before so that was an interesting experience. Mom, you would be so proud!

When we got back to our area on Thursday we also had lots of stuff to do. We worked in an area called Trinidad to get it ready to open up a church there. So we worked there and were able to find a bunch of awesome people. This past Sunday we started a group there and had the first sacrament meeting. It went super well. One of our investigators came who hasn't been able to attend church in Obligado in a few weeks because she lives in Trinidad which is about 30 minutres from Obligado. But she was able to come and it was a great experience for her. She has been progressing so much, she loves the church. I am super excited for the work there because now the people will be able to come to church! seriously is so great to see the work of the Lord move forward. I can see the Lord's hands in it, and we get to be instruments to bring people unto Him. This week I also had the priviledge to baptize one of the investigators of the sister misionaries in our area. That was a super cool experience for the branch here in Obligado. It was a little girl that got baptized and it definitely brought the Spirit of Christ to the members. I feel like it is bringing their missionary spirit up and they want to start doing more missionary work. I just want to finish off saying that I know that this church is true and that Christ is the head of it. He invites us all to follow Him! I love you all, Merry Christmas!! I hope you all have a great one!
Elder Reilly

Baptism that the sisters had this past sunday

-We donated some blood to help a members daughter who was super sick

Trent - #LighttheWorld

Hello Everyone!

This week was great but a little crazy! There were some emergency changes and I'm now in a different area! The contract for our apartment expired and they didn't want to renew it for two more years because it has a lot of problems so they moved us to the apartment of the assistants in Limay which is still in the Neuquen Zone. We are also now in a trio with Elder Esplin and Elder Jeffries because the companion of Elder Jeffries finished his mission! We have a new area with three weeks left in the transfer. We're just gonna contact like crazy and work hard. We have permission to go back to our old area and help Jennifer and Laura and Jorge get baptized. Unfortunately it's looking like Jorge and Laura aren't going to arrive to their baptisimal dates but Jennifer is doing great! She will be baptized the 30th of December! She is progressing very well. She came to church this week and the last and came to the Christmas devotional last night, which was awesome! There was an amazing choir and some great messages! They shared a lot from "The Living Christ" a document that the first presidency of the Church released a few years back. It is so perfect. It describes Christ in a perfect way and you can't help but feel the Spirit when you read it! I invite you all to read it!

I love the Christmas Season and I love Jesus Christ! No one else can bring the peace and comfort that He brings. He is the ONLY one! He is the light and the life and the hope of the world! With His light we can light the world! Compartamos la luz! iluminemos el mundo!

Love you and miss you all! Till next week!