Thursday, August 3, 2017

Trent - 7 Months already

Hola everyone!

This week has been great. We left from Neuquen yesterday at midnight and arrived at 12 in the afternoon and went straight to work. In Neuquen we had a training with all of the Zone Leaders in the mission. It was aweseome. Our mission President fired us all up to go and be an example for the missionaries on our zones and baptize in the next 4 weeks that we have in this transfer.

The family Quilaqueo are going to get baptized the 12th of August if everything goes well. They are going to get married the 11th of August and baptized the next day! Their lives have completely changed. Javier Quilaqueo was addicted to cigarettes and alcohol and now doesn't smoke or drink. He was famous on the city of Esquel for being a robber and now he is someone completely different. The Atonement of Jesus Christ has helped him to change. Even though his house is super tiny and he hardly has enough money to eat, he has already started saving for the temple. He's truly converted! It's truly special to see. I hope that after he gets baptized that he can become the Branch President or Mission Leader because this branch here in Esquel needs some serious help. There's about 20 members who assist regularly. We are doing everything that we can here to help these members realize that missionary work is the most important work in the world and they need to get involved. Read Alma 4 and you'll understand what's happening here. Just like it says in that chapter, the only thing that Alma could do to change the situation was bear a pure testimony from his heart. Thats what we've been doing. We pretty much teach all the classes and give the talks and do everything here haha. But the Spirit changes people and I know we can help change this branch so the work can start progressing much faster! 

I love this work and knowing that the Lord is always on my side. I love seeing someone who has become truly converted. There's nothing better! There's nothing else that's ever brought me more joy! Love you and miss you all.

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