Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Trent - Week of Milagritos

Hola Everyone!

This week was another great one. It was super hard because everyone seemed to be in a rejecting mood but we were able to see various little miracles. The Lord always tests us and then lets us know that he's still there and that this is His work. 

We are still preparing the family Quilaqueo to get baptized this Saturday. They are getting married this Fridayyy!!!!!! Finally everything worked out and they are able to get married legally. They are so awesome. Honestly, they are going to change this branch. They're already better members than all the members here. 

Four times this week we were walking in the street talking to everyone and we were led to 4 members that have been inactive for over 20 years that were hidden here in Esquel. We are gonna reactivate them and baptize their families. We have been praying to find people who can be baptized and be in the new branch presidency and ward mission leader because this branch needs some serious help, and the Lord answered our prayers!! We're gonna change this branch so the work can progress and we can edify this little portion of the Lord's Kingdom. 

Love you and miss you all! Thank for the emails and support:)

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