Monday, January 23, 2017

Rhett - Another Great Week

Man this week was GREAT. One of the best weeks so far in the MTC. We had a lot of great classes and lessons with our investigators. This week our district has been trying a lot harder to study more affectively and diligently. I can already see how much its paying off already. 

Its snowed here a lot in Utah this week. Its makes me want to go skiing haha. I would much rather be doing what I'm doing right now though. My district and I are all just super excited to leave this place and go to Argentina. Its crazy we only have about 2 weeks left here. Two weeks couldn't come sooner!

My Spanish is still coming along pretty well. I am learning new things every day. I feel like I can teach the first 3 lessons now pretty well except for a few words here and there. The hard part for me right now is trying to understand what our investigators are saying. They speak really fast and sometimes I only catch a few words of what they are actually saying haha. Sometimes I don't even know what they say but I just start speaking back in Spanish and it always seems to work out. It seems like what I say seems to work pretty with what they are saying. Pretty sweet!

This week my companion and I were talking to our teacher Hermano Zeballos about how we were doing and how our investigator, Viri was doing with our lessons. Me and my companion are kinda having a hard time with her because she doesn't really talk much in our lessons. We will ask her a question and most of the time she just gives us a one word answer. It is pretty frustrating at times because it makes it harder to teach and see what she understands or doesn't understand. We told this to Hermano Zeballos and he told us something really cool. He told us that when we are teaching, our investigators need to know that we are not just there to teach them but we are there to change their lives! We are there to help them have joy in their lives and come closer to Christ. He told us that we need to let our investigators know this. When the people we teach know that we really care for them and want to help them, they will trust us and will want to open up more and talk to us. This was just what we needed to hear. My companion and I had the opportunity to teach Viri againon Friday, and we let her know that we were there because we wanted to help her. She still didn't open up a ton to us during the lesson, but she talked a lot more and seems like she is more interested in what we have to say. We are going to ask her a lot more questions next lesson and try to gain her trust by letting her know we are not just there to teach her, but to help her in her life. I never really thought about that before. We aren't there to teach, we are there to help and change lives. I thought this was super true and cool to think about with the gospel and missionary work. We are not missionaries to just get people baptized and teach them lessons. We are here to change their lives and help them come closer to Christ!

Something else that I thought was cool this week. In class we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon, and how we can get so much more out of it if we read it with real intent. I started reading it from the beginning last week and have been trying to read it with real intent. I have never gotten so much out of reading it as I have reading it here in the MTC. It is awesome! Every time I start reading now, I don't want to stop. It seems to make so much more sense now, I love it! I'm going to try to finish reading the whole thing by the time I am out of the MTC. Every time I read it I learn something new or I read a scripture that I feel like I've never read before. My testimony has already grown a lot. I know that the Book of Mormon truly does testify of Christ and that if you read it, you will come closer to Christ. I know that it is true. I want to challenge those of you who haven't read it yet, to read it. Not just read it, but with real intent. It will help you in your life and help you come closer to Christ! You can find something about Christ on every page. It truly is another testament of Jesus Christ!

Thats all for this week. Everything is going good. I hope you are all doing well. Have a great next week! P.S. Thanks Uncle Bill,Aunt Bonnie, and Mom for coming in clutch with the cinnamon rolls and food this week. They were much needed haha. Love you all!

-Elder Reilly

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