Thursday, January 26, 2017

Trent - Still Loving It

Hola Everyone! 

Another awesome week in the MTC! There have been some super awesome devotionals this week. They have all focused on forgetting about yourself and focusing literally everything on other people. Its so awesome. They have been telling us to always turn outward and look to help others and never turn inward and look to only help yourself because thats what Christ always did. Christ always turned outward. Its been so awesome. During planning this one teacher that I had told me that when I plan, on every slot in the planner to write down how what your doing is going to help someone else. Its so awesome. He told me that from 6:30am-10:30pm I should be focused on trying to help people come unto Christ. Its really awesome and humbling. When you forget about yourself and work always to help others, your problems seem so insignificant. You love everyone you meet and youre always happy. I study Spanish for like 6 to 7 hours a day in class and then study additionally on my own for 3 more hours and I love it! Its a joy studying because the whole time I'm dedicating everything I'm doing to how I can help my investigators. I wan to learn as much Spanish as i can so I can better share the joy of the gospel with everyone I meet in Argentina. Its amazing. Never thought Id enjoy so much studying but Christ strengthens me every day. Each day my Spanish gets better and better and during the lessons Im able to communicate more and more. Its awesome! Im so excited to head to Argentina in two weeks! Getting a little sick of the same food all the time honestly haha...

Also that reminds me, thank you Grandma Gail for the brownies. I think my entire district wants you to be their grandma too haha! We've almost eaten them all and they just got here yesterday.

My testimony of the Book of Mormon has been growing so much. Every single day when I read it I find a scripture that I need to hear. The other day I was a little frustrated about a couple of things and I was reading and a scripture comes up and says have patience in all your afflictions and you will be blessed(not the exact wording of course). As I study it diligently, scriptures are called to my mind. I am able to pull up scriptures out of nowhere during my lessons and lesson preparations. Its so awesome!

Also, the guys in my district are so awesome. Theres this one kid who is literallty the best beat boxer ever and always sing the hymns and he beat boxes to them haha. Its the funniest thing ever. Everyone says that we're the most "lit" district whenever we are walking around singing the remixed versions of all the hymns haha.

Thanks for all the prayers and the love and support! I can feel you all strengthening me. I love you all! Till next week!

-Elder Reilly

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