Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trent - Its lit

Hey Everyone!

Another great week at the MTC! Still love it here. We got our first TRC investigator this week. Its really good for Elder Jones(my comp) and I because it feels super real! He is getting a lot better at his Spanish and its really helping our lessons.We have completely different personalities but we are actually getting along super well now and becoming good friends. 

Congrats to Regan and Dan on having Baby Cal!! Everyone please send me pictures! And Happy late Birthday Dad! Love you all a lot and miss you a ton but im so glad im here. This week has just been so fun! Our zone leaders are leaving next week and they were feeling all nervous so they asked our district for blessings of comfort. Our whole district stood in on both of the blessings and it was seriously the coolest thing ever! The Spirit was so strong and there was just so much power there. It was the coolest thing there. Both of the ZL's said the blessings were exactly what threy needed and they were both really unique. It was so awesome. The Spirit is seriously just bouncing off the walls here. We're all dedicated to learning, studying, teaching, and serving and theres so much power in it. You really just forget about yourself and it seriously makes you so happy! 

This week Neil L. Anderson came to speak to us and it was awesome. But the coolest part was the devotional discussion after the meeting. We had a discussion together as a district and we all shared our testimonies and some experiences and the love was just so strong in there. Our district is seriously so legit. The new Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders are both from our district. I love them all.

Haha got a free haircut in the MTC and its honestly one of the best haircuts Ive ever gotten, with one slight exception. He cut one of my side burns at like a 45 degree angle and the other one is completely straight and i didnt notice till after it was done haha. Ill try to fix it tonight hahaha, but for now I look a little strange.

The Spanish is coming along super well. I can pretty much understand everything that everyone says and im decent at responding back. Its crazy. I feel like ive learned more in 2 weeks here than I did in 3 years in high school. And I know its not me. Im a great student, but I could no way learn this much in 2 weeks by myself. God is on my side! When I work hard, I can feel him behind me. 

Got to go to the Temple today with my whole zone and it was the coolest. Oh yeah and I have a little story about my recommend. So I got an interview from the branch prez and got his signature, but I needed to get one from someone in the MTC presidency too. So its Tuesday night and I still need the MTC Presidency signature and Im going to the Temple at 6 am the next morning. So after the devotional and they announce that President Burgess is getting released! So after the devotional I go to the help desk to ask if theres any way I can get a signature and they call the Prez and hes not in his office. Right after that, he walks right by me on huis way out and I asked him if he could give me an interview and he said he could! What are the chances he walks right by me! This was like his last official day as President and he was on his way home, but he went out of his way so I could go to the Temple. So awesome! Hes seriously the coolest guy ever!

Oh yeah and one more thing! Theres this kid in my district who is literally an Amish turned Mormon and hes the most humble awesome kid ever. Hes from Pennsylvania and he has the most hardcore southern accent ever for some reason haha its hilarious. Hearing speak Spanish is classic. He has one of the coolest life stories ive ever heard. Hes the freakin man!

Anyway, I love you and miss you all! Its so fun to get pictures so please send me some!! Till next week! 

Elder Reilly

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