Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Trent - Best New Years Ever!

Hello everyone!

Love you and miss you all! The MTC has been so great! I love it here. The first three days were really overwhelming, but I think they do that on purpose so you dont have any time or space in your mind to think about being homesick. And it actually works haha! I mean I miss you all, but it was impossible to think about home with a load of tasks to do and a firehose of imformation in a language youre trying to understand in your face haha. I love it tho! Along with all the information and class and studying there is the strongest Spirit here ever, so it makes it all worth it. 

So, the third day here we had to teach our investigator in all Spanish... and I didnt know any Spanish haha. His name is Victor and he is from Mexico and he doesnt speak a lick of English. Im not going to lie, the first lesson was a little rough because I was just reading some incoherent Spanish sentences that I had written down in my notebook and I could understand about 2 of his 20 questions. It was really funny actually because I would just say Si and sometimes it worked hahaha. Since then tho we have taught Victor two more times and they have both gone super well! The third lesson was yesterday and I taught Victor for like 30 minutes about the Gospel pf Jesus Christ for 35 minutes with no notes! It was so awesome! They tell us to pray for el don de lenguas(the gift of tongues) every week and I feel it when I teach! Words come to my mind and I am able to teach and testify and answer question that I can hardly comprehend. Its awesome. Sometimes I just know that the words that come to my mind are not from me because I literally didnt know that they were actual words in Spanish. Then I go look up what I said after and it was like the exact right thing. Its so awesome. When I testify of the things I know in Spanish I can feel the Spirit telling me that they are true and its the most special thing ever. Love it here!

My district is so awesome! I love them all! My companion is Elder Jones and he is a really nice kid. He is really struggling with the language, but hes working hard and I know he'll get it. Unfortunately tho, that means I have to teach the entire lessons myself haha, but I dont mind it that much. I pray for him every night that he will get the language and have confidence in himself and you should too! I love everyone else in my district too! There are 10 Elders and 2 Hermanas. They are seriously like family. We all strengthen each other and want to help each other its the coolest. And most everyone in my district can ball up so we play basketball and dominate haha its so sweet. Every night we read the scriptures together and share awesome scriptures that we find. My room has 6 Elders in it and they are seriously like my brothers. I love them to death and I pray for them every night. And all of our prayers have to be in Spanish haha. 

Also, Rhett and I see eachother every day when we eat. Its so sweet. I see VeLora all the time too! Its so fun to share our experiences together. The food here isnt even bad. On Saturdays they bring in Papa Johns pizza and its all you can eat. On Monday night they bring in fast food and it was Chickfila yesterday which is like my favorite thing ever. Lowkey ate like 3 Chickfila sandwiches. Dont worry Tori I ate a lot of fruit too. 

My zone leaders are also the coolest guys ever. They are Elder Dotts, a college track runner who is also a convert of two years, and Elder Maea, a huge polynesian who is playing O-line at Utah when he gets home. They are so funny and they are always willing to help us whenever we need it. Oh and by the way, Elder Maea says he knows who Morgan is. They're probably like cousins or something honestly. They're both going to Panama City, Panama.

I love you and miss you all! Yo se que este Evanjelio es verdadero. Yo se que el libro de Mormon es la palabra de Dios. Dios es nuestro amoroso Padre Celestial y somos sus hijos! Jose Smith fue una profeta de Dios. El poder del Espiritu Santo es real y por el poder del Espiritu Santo podemos conocer la verdad de todas las cosas! En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.

I think that is right haha! Love you all and miss you! Till next week! 

The ones at the temple and in the class are my whole district. Sorry for the low quality pictures. The two older looking guys are my zone leaders.

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