Saturday, January 7, 2017

Rhett - Happy New Year!

Hola! Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all are doing well. This week has been great. A lot of studying, a lot of time in the classroom, and a lot of hard work, but honestly... It's awesome! I love it here. What we do here everyday is hard at times, but because we are learning the gospel and trying our best to live it, everyone here is so happy. The gospel of Jesus Christ really does bring joy. We are pretty much in the classroom all day and its hard at times, but because of what I'm doing I just want to learn more and more. I dont even want to take a nap haha. I just want to learn more. It's awesome!

My companion and I are pretty much homies now haha. Hes out of his shell now and is super funny . We have been working really well in our lessons. We have taught Fransisco 5 times now. Every time we have gotten better and better. Our spanish is also getting better and better everyday. Our last two lessons I pretty much taught the whole lesson in Spanish using almost no notes. Its crazy cause when we were practicing what we were gonna say before our lessons, we pretty much had to read the whole thing but when we actually got in the lesson, the words just came! It was sweeet. I know Heavenly Father was helping me and my companion in those lessons.

This week I heard something I thought was really cool. Our teacher, Sister Dibb, shared something from a talk called The Road to Damascus. In the talk, the speaker talks about the story in the bible where Saul is traveling to Damascus and is converted to the Lord. In the talk, he compares the Road to Damascus to our own lives. He said the road to Damascus is 18 inches long. It is from our minds to our hearts. I think this is super cool especially with the gospel and in missionary work. When we take in something in our minds, whether it be a scripture, a talk, a cool experience we had, or whatever we put into our minds, do we really put these things into our hearts? When we put something in our hearts it means more to us and makes us want to do something about it. When we put what means most to us in our hearts we go out and act on those things. I can relate this to my mission. When I put my thoughts about serving those people in Argentina in my heart, it makes me want to be work harder so that I can serve them better. I thought this was a pretty cool message. What we put into our hearts will really affect our actions. I want to challenge all of you as it is a New Year, to try and put into your hearts to be better this year than you were last year.

Well I gotta go but I wish you all the best in this new year. Feliz Nuevo Ano! 

Elder Reilly

At the temple grounds 

My district with our our teacher, Fransisco

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