Monday, January 30, 2017

Rhett - 9 more days till Argentina

Que paso, 
Things are going great over here. Its been a pretty cool week. On Wednesday we had a worldwide mission broadcast to missionaries all over the world. Elder Oaks was presiding the meeting which was cool. Elder Bednar and a few others were also in it. They answered a lot of questions missionaries have and spoke to us about how we can teach our investigators better. They also made some announcements about changes in the mission. The schedules are now changed for all missionaries. Our schedule is now a little more flexible on when we can study and what we study during certain times of the day. Depending on where you are in the World our schedules are now changed to that area. So depending on where you are you might have to wake up earlier and go to bed earlier or wake up later and stay out later. I think its pretty cool cause it gives you more agency and flexibility on when you want to study and do other stuff during the day. Anyways, it was a cool meeting overall. A funny story about the meeting. Me and 3 other guys in our district got seats in the 2nd row in the auditorium to listen to it. We were sitting there listening during the meeting and all of the sudden about 30 minutes into it I start smelling this terrible smell. So I keep looking around trying to figure out who it is and I cant tell. Then I look down our row and I see everyone else doing the same thing haha. I look in front of me and see this Elder that looks like he's from Africa who has his shoes off. Haha it smelled terrible, I couldn't focus the rest of the first half of the meeting. After the first half of the meeting I asked this old lady that was sitting to the right of me if she smelled what I smelled and she even said she did. Haha she said it was just about one of the worst smelling things she has ever smelled. And I had to sit right behind him. It was pretty bad. During the second half of the meeting he kept his shoes on so luckily everyone could focus again. I was about to stand up and walk to a different seat haha.

Something else that was cool this week. All the missionaries in my district going to Argentina got our flight plans. We are all going on the same flight to Atlanta, and then to Buenos Aires and then we will split off from there. We are heading out on February 6th around 2 oclock. Sweeeeeeeett. Also another thing, Trent got his plans too and were gonna be on the same flight!So we won't have to say goodbye until we get to Buenos Aires. In his district he also has some missionaries going to Posadas so we might be companions somewhere down the road on the mission. Super pumped about that!

Other than that, not many new things have happened. We have just been studying and practicing our Spanish. I feel pretty good with it but I know there is still a ton to learn, Haha when I get to Argentina I'm probably not gonna know what the heck anyone is saying but I know it will come. If I work hard I know Heavenly Father will help me out. Me and Elder Hedin are doing are doing a pretty good job in our lessons with the Spanish. We still have a lot to learn though. Sometimes I feel like we sound like a five year old would in Argentina but its all good. We work really well switching off and making our lessons flow smoothly. I know the Spanish will come a lot faster when I get to Argentina.

Just to end off, I just want to share something in the Book of Moses i read this week. In Moses 6 it talks about Enoch and how the Lord told him to preach the gospel to the people. In verse 31 it talks about how Enoch basically said why me? The people hate me and and I can't speak very well. After Enoch said this, the Lord told Enoch that if he would open his mouth and had faith, the Lord would put the words in his mouth so that he could speak. This applies to me and to everone in the World. If we have Faith to share the gospel with the people around us, Heavenly Father will fill our mouths and allow us to speak to those around us. I know this is true. I know that if we put our trust in the Lord, we can do anything. Heavenly Father has so much to give us if we have faith in Him. The church is true. Thats it for this week! Love you guys.
-Elder Reilly

My boys from Taiwan...Gangnam and Style

This is all the lotion I've gotten...haha
(Rhett has really dry skin and another missionary's mom has been sending him lotion!)

When your awesome dad helps coordinate a little In N' Out drop off and your awesome sister and brother-in-law deliver 15 double doubles and fries to the MTC!

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