Thursday, February 2, 2017

Trent - In n Out of the MTC

Hola Everyone!!

This week was another awesome one! Regan and Dan thank you for bringing me the In n Out and visiting me on the Temple walk! That was so fun seeing you and that was great to get that In n Out for the last time in two years. Of course someone in my branch presidency came up to me right when you were visiting haha but I didnt get in trouble so its fine. Dad thanks for arranging that and getting my order perfect and everything!!

THIS IS MY LAST WEEK IN THE MTC! I got my flight plans and Im heading to Argentina on Monday and im so excited!!!! Rhett and I and a ton of guys from our district are all on the same flight! Its going to be so fun! Understanding that Argentine accent is going to be really hard, but I know I can do it! I can speak pretty comfortably, but understanding people who speak really fast is super hard. Sometimes I can only get like a couple of the verbs and the nouns that they are saying and then i can understand what they are saying for the most part. Then the Spirit guides me and I am somehow able to answer it is pretty sweet. Yesterday we had a skype lesson with a member from Argentina and he spoke soooo fast and the accent was super hard to understand haha. It was really awakening and humbling I loved it. My poor companion tho... after the lesson he told me he literally couldnt understand a single word the guy said and he was so discouraged. So please pray for him(Elder Jones)! He is great when he trusts in himself and he brings the Spirit. I am so excited though for Argentina. I cant wait to go love and serve and teach the people there!

On Saturday we had our last TRC lesson and it was so great! It was so sad saying bye to our investigator Marco. I love that guy! He asked for our emails and said hes going to email us every Monday for our entire missions! I almost began to cry when he said that. He told us he loved us and that we brought the Spirit really strong. He also told us all about the food in Argentina and about how the people are and everything. He said to not worry about the Spanish because as long as we keep bringing the Spirit everyone will understand that. And he said all of that stuff in Spanish and I actually understood it haha. I can understand Gospel terms all day, but normal and fast conversation is hard. It was a really cool experience.

Tuesday night we had a super good devotional. They told us that we were all like soldiers on the front lines in a battle against Satan and that we were doing the most important work in the world. It was so inspiring and motivating and true! We're out here everyday serving and studying and teaching so we can bring souls to Christ. And even though its hard, there's so much joy in doing it!! I love this work! I wouldn't want to be doing anything else!

Thanks again Bonnie and Bill for the package! My district and I enjoyed the cookies! They are almost gone and I got them yesterday haha

Thanks to everyone for all the love and support! I can feel it strengthening me! I love you and miss you all! Next email i'll be in Argentina! Bye!

-Elder Reilly

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