Monday, February 27, 2017

Trent - San Martin lets go!!

Hola Everyone!!

I finally have more than 5 minutes to write this email so thats nice haha!! This week was so great. San Martin is super beautiful and the people here are awesome and the food... oh my goodness. It is the BOMB. I feel like I'm eating Russ Reilly Italian lunches every day or going to a steak house. It is so sweet. And they feed you so much oh my gosh I freakin love it. The other day this lady in our ward fed us and she made gnocci(I think thats how you spell it) and it was literally heaven. She filled my plate 3 times. I'm talking like straight overflowing plate three times in a row with gnocci. I never turn anyone down when they ask me for more haha. I could hardly move after eating so much haha but it was awesome. But yeah the members here are so cool. They are so hyped up for missionary work and that is really awesome. The ward missionary leader is really cool too. He always wants to come out with us and stuff. 

The language is coming along a lot better. I can actually semi understand people now. I get most of each sentence and then I can make a pretty spot on guess of what they are saying haha. But speaking is a whole ´nother world. But I'm getting a lot better and I have a lot more confidence now and that is great. I just joke around with people and tell them I'm just a gringo and I'm learning anf they think its funny. It's great. Also in the street I just say stupid stuff on purpose like buenas noches at like 11 in the morning so people want to talk haha. It's actually kind of fun. Me and my companion can actually communicate really well now so that is sweet.

The Lord helps us in the lessons so much. Im just able to talk and testify and it's sweet!! And we are really workling on asking inspired questions that open the hears pf the investigators! Ok im out of time but I want to leave y'all with a spirtual thought. Remember that every soul is important. Everybody you see desires the happiness that comes from the Gospel and the message we have. See through the eyes of Christ and you will start to see everyone as your brothers and sisters!! Love EVERYONE because every soul is important! And that means every one of you is special and important too!! Love you all!! Hasta la próxima semana!!! 

Elder Reilly

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