Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Trent - Argentina!!

Hola Mom and Dad! Ive arrived here at the mission home in Neuquen. It was really crazy getting here haha because I didnt know what to do and didnt understand anyone haha but they had some people to guide us sometimes. Im not gonna lie, its a little overwhelming here, but I think Im gonna love it. The mission President and his wife are very nice. Oh and I didnt lose any of my excessive amounts of luggage! Truly a blessing honestly. A few Elders and Hermanas lost some luggage so Im very glad that didnt happen to me. All the Elders and Sisters that we came here with besides me and Elder Jones and Elder Morgan and one other Elder are foreigners who only speak Spanish haha. That was the only part that was really shocking and kind of scary. The guides only spoke Spanish too so I literally had no idea what I was doing haha. It is very hot here!! Oh my goodness shouldnt have worn a suit. Sorry that I couldnt talk to you Mom! We didnt have any time in Atlanta to call again. Umm.. what else... everything is good. I will stay at the mission home tonight and then get my companion tomorrow from what I can understand from the Spanish haha. Its real now. Im scared, but I have faith its going to go great! Love you and miss you both!!!!! Adios!!

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