Monday, February 27, 2017

Rhett - The Gospel Blesses Families

Hola Familia,
This week was another good week. This week we had a zone meeting and talked about goals we have for our zone. It was a good meeting and motivated me to get to work. We talked a lot about finding and what we do after we find. A lot of the missionaries in our area had a lot of new investigators and lessons but not very many of them were going to church. We can find a lot of people to teach but if we are not follwing up and helping them with the process and change and coming to church then we really arent making a difference. Every person counts, and when we find someone to teach, we need to follow up and get them to church. Because when we come to church we are coverted to the gospel. Pretty cool.

Something else cool this week. We have been teaching this around 60 year old man named Cisto. When we first met him he seemed like he just wanted to talk a lot and wasn't really listening to us that much. He is a really spiritual guy and has a strong testimony of faith in God and Jesus Christ. We talked to him about the restoration of the gospel our second lesson with him and about Jesus Christ and he just started crying. It was a pretty cool experience. He wants to change his life and he knows that Jesus Christ can help him. We had another lesson with him this week just about repentance and baptism. It was a good lesson, and he expressed to us again that he wants to change. He smokes a few cigarrettes a day so we talked to him about trying to quit smoking. We told him that Jesus Christ can help him overcome stop smoking and he said he would try. We set a date for him to be baptized and he said he would but that he has to talk to his wife first. Pretty awesome! I know that through the help of Jesus Christ and His gospel he can change! As we come closer to the Savior we all can change for the better.

We have continued talking with the Epenola family. They are such a great family. It was their little daughters birthday on Saturday and they invited us to come over. My companion and I helped make pizza and we ate and talked with them. Haha their pizza is a little different than ours in America, but it was still really good! She even gave us some cake! Which is pretty rare for us missionaries. Haha we dont get cake very often here. It was awesome. They are having some struggles with their family though. The dad drinks and smokes a lot and I guess is like a totally different person when we are not there. He is super nice when we are there and the family seems like they are doing well, but when we leave it is a different story. The mom told us that she wants to be baptized but that she wants to wait until her daughters are grown up because she doesnt want to get married to her husband, but she wants to have a good support for her kids so she is going to stay with him until her kids are grown up. It was pretty sad but I know the gospel can help them as a family. We are going to try and talk more with the father about change. If the father changes, I know that they can be a closer and happier family. The gospel brings families together! If the father has a desire to change and live the gospel I know the mother and family will want to change and have the gospel in their lives as well. I know the gospel can bless them and help them have a happy family. We are going to continue to work with them!

Thats pretty much all for this week. The work is going great. This week we are really gonna focus on getting people converted rather than just teaching lessons. I know it can change lives. When we are converted to the gospel our families are brought closer together and we can recieve so many blessings. The gospel blesses families! I love you all!
-Elder Reilly

-Some Soccer field we found. If you look closely, you can see Messi in the background. 

-My future home in a couple of years. Haha this house was pretty big so I thought I should take a picture with it.

-The Esponola Family. It was the little girl to my left, Dalma´s birthday.

-A soccer staduim we went to today for PDAY. Tres De Febrero plays here.

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