Tuesday, March 7, 2017


Hola everyone!

So I have four minutes to write this haha so it is going to be short! But I love you all!

This week was super awesome because we found some great investigators that were so prepared. We finally got our bearings and know the area super well now. The members are killing it and giving us references and we are finding a ton of people to teach too! It's great. We have a baptism this Saturday for Cecilia Espinoza. We found her and taught her all the lessons and she loves it. She is so excited for her baptism. Oh my goodness it brings my heart so much joy knowing I'm bringing someone to Christ. Theres nothing better than that! It's the most pure and real happiness I've ever felt! I love this work and I love all of you! I'm going to keep working hard and making you all proud!

Remember that you are all important and special in the eyes of God! He has a special and unique purpose for all of you! Now go ask him and find it out! Search ponder and pray! Goodbye! Love you all!

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