Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Trent - Miracle Week!

Hola Everyone!

This week was so awesome! By far the best week of the mish without doubt! My new comp is a beast! Hes from Chile and he actually speaks a really laid back and slow Spanish so I can understand him haha. Oh my goodness I have seen so much improvement in the language, its crazy. I can pretty much understand everything that everyone says which is really nice, let me tell ya... i finally know what is going on haha. Talking obviously is still a challenge but im gertting so much better. I dont feel nervous at all anymore talking to people even when i sound a little stupid sometimes haha. 

So, my new comp is a beast. We just straight up went to work this week. We talked with everyone and we prayed for the Lord to prepare people for us if we opened our mouths and showed our faith and he definitely did. We were contacting before these appointments we had in this one area that is super far away walking, like 45 minutes and we found this family that was so prepared it was crazy. This lady was outside literally watering her dirt( I have absolutely no idea why they do that here it is hilarious... they just go outside and spray a hose on their dirt haha) and she looked really mean and intimidating haha and I started to question whether I wanted to contact this woman. But I thought in my head that if I open my mouth, Gods going to fill it because im showing my faith. So I did. We started talking with this woman and she was really awesome and she was so prepared for us... it was crazy. She said she already has a Book of Mormon and she feels like its true, but shes never met with the missionaries. We proceeded to then close our mouths which were wide open at this point and then taught her the restoration and a little bit of the plan of happiness that our Heavenly Father has for us and she and her family loved it. It was truly a miracle. I opened my mouth and the Lord blessed me so much. It was so awesome to know that he is watching over me and helping me. 

I dont have anymore time to share the two other awesome miracles that happened this week, but I want to share my testimony of the power of God that I can feel every day out here in the mission. It is real and i know it without a doubt. Hes blessing me with people that are prepared when I show my faith. When I bear testimony of the simple truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ I can feel his Spirit testifying of my words to the hearts of the people. It is just powerful. I know he is real and he is listening. I love you all with all of my heart and I know that God loves you more than you can imagine! Till next week! See yah!

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