Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Rhett - 3.20.17

Hola Familia,
I dont have much time to write but I just want to let you know this week has been a great one. People are starting to commit to the gospel and it's making all this hard work worth it. I have been able to see how the gospel is starting to change people's lives and help that have joy in their lives. We had two new investigators come to church this week, and it was just great to see their desire to come closer to Christ and learn more about Him.

This week is transfers and sadly my companion is getting transferred to another area. My new companion is a cool dude. His name is Elder Vivera and he is from Paraguay. He doesn't speak hardly any english so thats going to be fun haha. He does speak Guaranee though! Pretty much everyone here in Paraguay speaks Guaranee so it is very useful to know as a missionary. As a white 6'1, blonde American, when I start spitting out some Guaranee the people cant believe it haha. I'm hoping I can learn some with my new comp.

This week I have really been able to see how much the gospel can help people in their lives. This week my companion and I found out about a lot of problems or challenges people were going through in Paraguay. It was sad to see some of the things that these people have to go through, but how great is it to know that the gospel can solve them all. How great it is to be here to help these people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that through the Jesus Christ and His gospel we can overcome anything and get through any problems we have. All we have to do is turn ourselves to Him and follow Him. I am really looking forward to these next 6 weeks to help our investigators! I know this gospel will help them and help bring joy to their lives and their families! I love this work! Thanks for everthing, love you all!
-Elder Reilly

We have been planning an activity us and the hermanas serving with us in our ward. The activity was the the young men, young women, refief society, and elders quarum all had a country they were assigned. Paraguay, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico. Each had to prepare food from that country and then do a dance from that country. Hahah the activity was great and we had some investigators show up. It was really good for them. The members here are awesome haha!

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