Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Trent - Best Week Yet:)

Hola Everyone!

Dang this week was just so awesome! Truly so many miracles of people who were prepared for the gospel at the exact moments that we found them! So, firstly, my comp and I had our first baptism this week! Cecilia Espinoza was baptized and confirmed and is now officially a member of La Iglesia de JESUCRISTO de los santos de los ultimos dias! Ive never felt a more pure joy than the joy I felt seeing her follow the example of Jesus Christ and show her faith by getting baptized. We made sure to get members there while we were teaching her and they have really taken her in. The whole ward loves her and she loves going to church and I know that she is going to be a faithful member. How awesome!

Also, this week I finally stopped worrying about my Spanish and opened my mouth a lot more and truly saw miracles. I felt so comfortbale talking to people and bearing testimony of how this Gospel can really bring them joy. It was so easy because I was just telling the truth. Haha sometimes I dont even know what they say but I just bear my testimony again and tell them that I left my family for two years to be here to preach the truth and help the people of San Martin. Then they always seem interested and they open up their hearts to us. It's awesome. My comp is a savage and he says hi, and then looks at me haha. Great trainer though! I'm learning so much and becoming confident. 

Something that I have learned so much out here is the importance of the Spirit in literally everything we do. If we are not listening then we aren't going to be following the Lords plan for that day and we are gonna miss people that are being prepared! I know it! When I'm really in tune with the Spirit and I am really trying to listen, then EVERY time the next person we find has been prepared. It's so awesome. We have this one investigator names Edmundo and we just randomly found him. We felt we should talk to him and we did and he was so prepared. His wife just passed away two years ago and he NEEDED to know that he can see her again. There was a sadness in his eyes that was changed because the Spirit testified to him during our lesson on the Plan God has for us! The Plan of Salvation! The Plan of Happiness! We saw a change in his eyes when we let him know he can live with his family again after this life with a happiness more pure than anything that the world can give. Oh my goodness it the coolest thing ever to be able to help this hurting man. Next lesson we are going to teach him the Restoration and challenge him to get baptized! Pray for him. The coolest part is that we've had so many more experiences just like this. People who are hurting and needed our message. All because we opened our mouths and let the Spirit do the talking! It was awesome. 

This week we cooked chorizo in our pension and it was the BOMB! Holy cow the meat here is for real amazing. I could eat Choripan all day every day. And, surprisingly, I'm not getting fat(yet) and that's nice. We walk like 10 miles a day haha so I dont see how it's possible honestly. But I guess it happens to everyone in this mish so I'm preparing myself early haha. 

Another funny side note. I got my hair cut this week by this member and she accidentally gave me this bald spot on the side so she had to make the sides pretty much bald to match it haha. So I'm pretty much Elder Vanilla Ice Ice Baby right now. Hey maybe it'll draw some more attention to the 6'3" white American in Argentina and we'll get some more investigators and be able to help more people haha. 

Anyway, Love you and miss you all! Every one of you is special and important in the eyes of God. He's always watching and listening and he wants to help you! Thank you for the prayers and emails! Till next week!!

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