Monday, February 13, 2017

Trent - First Week in Argentina!!

Hola Everyone!!

Wow this week was honestly really crazy. All the flights and everything were really wack and I couldnt understand anything in the Argentina airports and it was kinda scary, but I love it.

When I got to the mission home, I met the President and his wife and they are super nice. They fed us super well it was awesome. Maybe the last time I say that for two years but its all good haha. They made empenadas(I dont know if that is spelled right) and they were seriously the bomb. I ate like 10. It was great. Then they assigned me my new companion and area. His name is Elder Llontop and he is from Peru. He doesnt speak a lick of English haha. The first day I for real could not understand a single word he said. It was frustrating, but humbling too and I needed that big time. He is super nice and now we can kind of understand each other so thats pretty neat. Our first area is San Martin. It was like a six hour bus ride from Neuquén. The buses are super nice tho. They had recliners and they brought us meals. It was not bad at all.

San Martin is super awesome!! It is one of the most beutiful places in the mission so that is sweet. The members here are super awesome! Theres ths one family and they have literally like 30 of 'em in San Martin. Its insane. Theyre the di Stefano family. They gave my comp and I like 15 references so that is awesome. 

We have to walk a ton here like every day haha but i love it. People are super nice and they are always willing to talk so thats sweet. Our apartment is pretty nice actually. We got beds a shower a toilet and a fridge and thats all we need!

Ok I have like no time, but I want to share something cool that happened this week. It is super hard for me to actually open my mouth and say stuff to people because my Spanish is not exactly up to par. But, we were looking for this investigators house for like 20 minutes and we couldnt find it and it was supér frustratimg. But we passed this man and just said hi and kept walking and I REALLY felt like we needed to talk to him. So I finally said to my comp we neede to talk to that guy!! So we turned around after like a block of walking and went back and he was gone. But that spot where he was happened to be the spot where the house was where we needed to go! The Lord needed us to go there so he prompted me to turn back and find that man! It was awesome. Love you all!! See ya! Peace!!

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