Monday, February 13, 2017

Rhett - Posadas Baby!

Man where to start... So many things have happened this week, I love it! It has been very difficult at times but the good outweigh the bad. So last Monday, we left the MTC, and flew to Atlanta, then Buenos Airres, then from there to Posadas. We didn't have to take a bus to Posadas which was a blessing cause it would have taken around 10 hours by bus. From there we drove to the mission home and met President Svec and his wife. The are both super nice and and seem like great people but they only speak Spanish! haha. I was very shocked when I met them because I thought all mission President knew how to speak at least some English but they speak none at all. That was a little bit discouraging because I couldn't talk to them much, but they were super nice and fed us a super good meal. We had about 8 missionaries sleep in the mission home that night. The next day we found out who our companions were, where we were going and then we headed out to our missions!

My companions name is Elder Cabrera. He is from Uruguay and has been out in the mission for about 21 months, so I will be his last companion. He can speak a little english so that helps a lot because I can ask him for help with translating and with words and stuff. He is awesome. We get along really well and he is super funny as well. He always tries to yell things in English, but he has a super funny accent haha... its great. He has a love for the work and is super good at talking with people so it makes it a lot easier for me to talk in Spanish.

A little bit of a surprise for me and to all you guys, my first area that I am in is actually not in Argentina. haha I'm in Paraguay. My mission is called Cuidad de Este area 4. Our area is a town in the outskirts of a big city called Cuidad de Este. In my mission we have the Northern part and a lot of the southern part in Paraguay. I guess a lot of missionaries get sent to Paraguay in my mission. So I could be mostly in Paraguay on my mission or in Argentina, it just depends. Paraguay is awesome though! The people here are like the nicest people I have ever met. They are pretty much always willing to listen. The weather is pretty crazy here. It will be super hot and sunny one second and then all of the sudden it will just start pouring rain, haha its crazy!

It's discouraging at times with the language because these people are so nice and I want to talk to them but sometimes I just cant really get the words out it Spanish. I am definataly learning a lot here though every day which is great. I can see the improvement and Ive only been here for one week! I know I will get better with time and that the Lord will help me. Im sorry but I dont have much time to write, because the place Im writing in is about to close. I will talk more about my experiences and stuff next week. We had some miracles this week! I am sorry, but I will talk about them next week. Im am doing great, I love you all, have a great week!

Elder Reilly

Saying goodbye to my District

Saying goodbye to Trent in the Airport

Eating at the Zone Leaders house in another area

My area in Cuidad de Este

In the center of Cuidad de Este for PDAY, Its like the Las Vegas of Paraguay...

My companion Elder Cabrera

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