Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Trent - Half Way Done!!

Hello Everyone!

Another amazing week here in the MTC! First off, thank you to Bonnie and Bill and Gail and Wayne for the cinnamon rolls! They were very delicious and all of them are already gone! I shared them with my whole zone and they all love you haha.

Secondly, I dont know if I said it last week, but Congrats to Regan and Dan on having baby Cal!! I havent met him and I already love that miracle baby!! I pray for him every night and I pray for you guys too. I know that whatever happens Regan and Dan will be equipped! This baby has been waiting for the chance to come down and be in their family and fulfill his purpose! God has a plan and I have faith in it!! Love you Regan and Dan!

The Spanish is still coming along super well! I feel really confident whenever I teach the lessons. Its amazing how when you don't make the Spanish about you, but about helping others you are so much more motivated to learn. During my personal language study when I think about me it is so lame, but when I am studying because I want my Spanish to be better so that I can help others, its awesome. I can literally sit there for a solid hour and just study Spanish and I am not bored at all. I love it. And that's in addition to all the other Spanish study that I have all day with a teacher. Love this place

This week two districts in our zone left to go out into the mission field. It was so sad, but I'm so happy for them. They are all like my brothers and I know they're gonna kill it! The night before they left we all got together in the dorms and had a big testimony meeting/cry fest. It was awesome I love those guys. They passed like all this weird stuff down that they said got passed down to them haha it was super funny. One of the things was this loaf of banna bread that has been passed down for like two years or something. It was so gross hahaha. 

We had a ton more lessons this week and they were all so awesome. Our TRC investigator is Marco Tulio from Peru and he's the coolest dude ever! We taught him all about faith in Jesus Christ and how he can help you overcome anything, repentence, baptism, and especially enduring to the end. He has Polio so he cant really use his legs, so when he talked about enduring to the end he was so excited. He said that he'll never get to win any races or feel the joy of winning a sports trophy(from what I understood haha), but after that he said that he thinks if he pushes to the end and always tries his best then God would reward him and that is all he wants. I shared 2nd Nephi 31:20 with him and bore my testimony to him that I knew that if he really did endure to the end then God would have his trophy waiting for him. And I said that he would give him something far better than anything you could imagine. Happiness with his family for eternity. He got emotional and the Spirit was so strong and I got emotional it was so awesome!! Ive met this guy 4 times and I love him so much! And I love all my investigators! I jjust want to help them all eperience the joy that I'm feeling all the time at the MTC.

I love you and miss you all, but Im so glad im here! I don't feel that this is a sacrifice at all. I love it. It's a blessing being able to leave everything behind and truly devote myself to the Lord and to serving others! Till next week! ✌✌

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