Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Trent - Another week of Miracles! :))

Hola everyone!!

This week was the best yet. I have very little time as usual so this letter is going to be pretty short(Sorry Tori!). Anyway, this week we saw some awesome miracles. I have been really praying hard to know God's will and what I need to do each day to be the best missoinary that I can and I have really felt His guidance this week! Randomly I got this impression that we needed to visit this lady that has rejected us like three times and I dont know why. My comp told me that we needed to stop visiting her because it was a waste of time, but I couldnt shake the feeling that we NEEDED to visit her so we went. She let us in and we had the awesomest lesson with her about the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was so strong during the lesson it was amazing. In tears she told us that she knew that we were sent from God and that our message was true. She told us that we were her angels. There was such a special spirit in the room. This woman has a true desire to change and return to God and we were able to help her with that. How great! We felt the Spirit and felt that we needed to to challenge her for baptism so we did! She accepted for the 22 of April I believe! The Spirit was so strong when we testified to her that God sent us to find her and that he is trying to being her back to Him. Truly a miracle! This woman, her name is Corina by the way, had rejected us three times, but the Spirit led us to her when she was ready. We didn't give up on her because her soul is precious and we knew she needed help! 

I love this Gospel and the joy that it brings to those who live it! I know it's true with all my heart! I've felt it so strong that I can't deny it! I love you all and I'm sorry I cant write more! Remember how blessed you are! Till next week! :))

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