Friday, April 28, 2017

Rhett - The Gospel Changes Lives

Hola Familia!
This week was kinda difficult but a good one. We have a lot of new investigators right now who are progressing and want to learn more from us. We have been trying to find a lot more investigators who are ready this week. Here in Paraguay the people are always super nice and willing to listen to our message, but a lot of times they are just being nice and dont really want to change or act on the things we say. But also there are a lot of people who are prepared and really want what we have in their lives. We have been trying to focus on really bringing the Spirit in every lesson. Because if the Spirit is there, nobody can deny the message we have! This message can bless ther lives of all who find it. As missionaries we are here to help people find it.

This week we had another miracle with the Espenola family. Haha I talk about this family every week, but they really are an amazing family. I feel like they are my family here in Paraguay! They are always inviting us to come over and cooking for us. They seriously cook us a huge steak dinner everytime. Even though they may not have that much money or are having a lot of problems, they are always trying to get us come over because of the message we have given them. The gospel is truly changing their lives. This past week we found out that one of the daughters, Dalma, has something wrong with her nose and is having a really hard time breathing. She went to the doctor and they said she needs surgery and that it would cost 12,000 dollars. The father told us that when he heard this he knew they didn't have the money and didn't know what to do. After he left the doctors office, he went to the side and just said a prayer. After he prayed, the next day or so he was talking to his boss that he works with and he said he could pay for all of it! And that they could pay it back little by little over time. After that they also found out about another hospital that my companion told them about and this hospital can do the surgery for 3,000 dollars! This was a miracle! The mom told us that he just started crying. Man, I am so excited for this family and for the opportunity I have to be here with them. They have a lot of things to do right now and many problems but even so they want to get baptized next month! The daughter is going to have surgery next week or so, then the parents are gonna get married, and then they want to get baptized. I feel so blessed to be here with this family. The gospel blesses families. In this life we have so many problems, so many difficult things we have to go through... but through it all we can have joy through the gospel of Jesus Christ!

This week we found a lot of people ready for the gospel in their lives. I am excited to continue working with them, because I know this gospel truly will change their lives! I know this church is true and I love this work is the people here in Paraguay! Love you guys!

Sorry for not sending pictures once again, I lost the adapter for my camera to import the pictures to the computer. Next week there will be a lot of pics!

Elder Reilly

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