Friday, April 28, 2017

Trent - Awesome week!

Hola Everyone!

Love you and miss you all! This was another great week! I have little time but I want to share a short experience. 

So i have been diligently seeking the guidance of the Spirit. I want to KNOW what the Lord needs me to do and where he needs me to go. So, we were walking back from an appointment and it was 8 oclock. I got this random feeling that we needed to visit this one kid that we contacted once at the top of this freakin mountain haha. So I dragged my comp up this moutain haha because he didn't want to go because we literally had to run up this huge mountain to be able to make it back in time. Haha so we ran up this mountain and the whole time I'm just praying for a miracle. I didn't make any sense to go visit this kid that we contacted once and never were able to find again. So we get to the house and his dad answers and its dark and he's like, umm yes what do you need? I didn't really know what to say and I was drenched in sweat, but I just said, we have a powerful and very important message that we need to share with your family right now. He was like, "Bueno, pasen" haha. We got in and gave one of the most powerful lessons I've ever been in. We testified boldly of the restoration of the same church and authority that Jesus Christ has on the Earth. It was truly powerful and the Spirit was there so strong! Then we sprinted down the mountain and made it back with like 1 minute to spare! It was so awesome! The Lord guided me and blessed me for my diligence in listening and ACTING on the promptings of the Spirit! And now I'll pay him back by baptizing his precious children! I love this work! Love you and miss you all! Till next week!

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