Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Trent - I got a new companion!

Hola everyone! 

I love and miss you all! Transfers were today and I'm staying in beautiful San Martin! My second trainer got transferred up North and I got a new comp. His name is Elder Sanchez and he is from Mexico. Haha he doesn't speak any English. But he seems like he is going to be a great Elder and we are gonna work hard and follow the Spirit and do what the Lord needs us to do here in San Martin!

This week was great in terms of finding. We found a ton of new people who are really interested and we have a ton of appointments for this coming week so that is great. I was studying Preach My Gospel this week about improving your teaching skills and I felt inspired to study the part about listening. I learned that if you ask questions inspired by the Spirit and LISTEN to the people and to the Spirit, the Spirit will always reveal to me what the people need to hear. There's always a principle of the gospel that comes to mind that I can testify about to help these people.

This work is truly so awesome! I love it! I love dedicating everything to other people. I am always thinking about what I can do to help others come unto Christ and it is so fulfilling! I can feel God helping and supporting me every day in this work! And there's nothing better than knowing that I have an all-powerful Eternal Father by my side bearing me up and supporting me when I need it. I KNOW it! He is here!

I love and miss you all! Till next week!!

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