Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rhett - The Whitewash

Whats up everybody once again. I hope you all are doing great. So this week I met my new companion and we moved to our new area. My new area is also in Cuidad Del Este but a little bit closer to the center. I was a little bummed about leaving Santa Ana but also excited for the challenge.

My companion is Elder Coello from Ecuador. He is just finishing up his mission so I will be his last companion. He is like 4 feet tall and doesn't speak any english haha. He is super cool though and a super humble missionary. I was a little nervous at first when I heard he was finishing his mission because I thought maybe he wouldn't want to work but now being with him this week that is not the case. We have been working super hard this week and just talking to everyone. We literally just go from house to house and if the door is open...we are there. We are talking to everyone, and I can see the blessings that are coming from it. We have found a lot of people that are really prepared for the the gospel in their lives. Its been a great first week. I am excited for the next week to follow up with them and to work even harder to share the Gospel!

I don't have much time, but I wanted to end with a scripture. I want to invite you all to read Alma 5 in the Book of Mormon. Jesus Christ is always there for us calling us in unto him. If we choose to follow him, we can experience a mighty change in our hearts and enjoy the blessings the gospel brings. When we experience this change, we will want to share it with everyone. Love you guys, have a great week!
Elder Reilly

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