Sunday, April 16, 2017

Rhett - Great Week!

Hello Fam,
I dont have much time so I'm just going to go straight to some experiences this week. This week was a great one. We had some miracles happen.

The Espenola family... Man they are doing awesome! This week we were talking with them and the father finally decided to come and listen to us. At the end of the lesson we explained to him that in order for his family to be baptized, he and his wife(girlfriend technically) haha need to get married. We talked to him about why it's important and how the gospel can bless his family so much if he just does those things necessary to follow it. He and his wife are now getting married and practically the whole family wants to get baptized. It was awesome! He also commited to stop smoking and drinking and promised his family that he would stop. I know the gopsel is gonna bless them so much. I feel like I was sent to this area so that I could teach them! They are awesome!

Another cool thing this week. We contacted a lot these past couple weeks late in the night. One night we were contacting this house and this lady Mariella let us come and teach her. As we were talking with her she said that she has been Catholic pretty much all her life but just has never really read the bible or gone to church all that much. During the lesson we talked about the Book of Mormon and how is another testiment of Jesus Christ like the bible. We gave her a part to read and the next visit she said she read most of it. We talked to her about the Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and about how the same church that was on the earth when Jesus Christ was on the Earth is literally on the Earth today. She said she believed in what we were saying and said she will pray to see if it is true. She said if she knows she will get baptized. Man...What an awesome lesson. I know I was sent to this area to teach people who are ready for the gospel like her. I know the Lord knows us each individually and he wants the very best for us. He has given us this gospel so that we can return to live with Him again. He loves us and He knows us. Love you guys, Have a great week!
Elder Reilly

Our zone has started something called the Jesus Journal. Each of us has a journal with a picture of Jesus Christ. Every day during our personal study we are gonna pick one scripture about Jesus Christ, write it in our journal and then write down something we learned about Him. The point of this is to help us come closer to Christ. If any of you would like to do with me, I invite you to do it!​

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