Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trent - Got transferred and now im a trainer

Hola Everyone!

This week was a little crazy. I got transferred out of San Martin down to the wayyy South in Esquel. And now I'm a TRAINER. I have no idea how I'm gonna train haha because I'm still new, but it's gonna be an awesome opportunity to trust in the Spirit and the Lord and follow His guidance. Like Nephi I will go and do what God has commanded me right now and I know he'll bless me with a way to have success. I'm scared and excited.

Yesterday was really crazy because I was in terminals and buses literally the whole day. I had to say good bye to San Martin and my zone leaders who were some of the best buddies I've ever made. It was hard, but I gotta just forget myself and keep working in the work of the Lord. I dont have much time, but I love you and miss you all and I'll keep you updated on all of the people that we're gonna baptize here in Esquel! I know the Lord sent me here as a reason and I'm a trainer for a reason. I'm gonna have to listen to the Spirit and trust in His guidance with everything I do because I'm still a newbie out here! Till next week!

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