Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Trent - Week 2 in Esquel

Hola Everyone!

Love and miss you all. It was a fun second week in Esquel. I saw a few pretty interesting things this week haha... A tank at a gas station and people skiing in the street to name a couple haha. Esquel is really starting to grow on me. It's a very humble area. Its more of what I pictured when I found out I was going to the Patagonia. The people here are a lot more receptive and nice haha which is good. They usually let us in their houses because its freezing and they don't want to keep the door open haha. I love it. We have been trying to talk to everyone possible and we've been finding a ton more people to teach. It's awesome. 

Me and my new comp are getting along really well. His name is Elder Bustamante. My little Mexican son is what I always call him. He's a great Elder. He has a powerful testimony of the Atonement. We work great together and I think we're gonna see a lot of miracles here in Esquel. We seek out the Spirit in everything we do. I think we literally pray like 30 times every day. I think because of that we have really been seeing the Lord's hand here in Esquel. It seems like every single time that we are having a hard day and people are rejecting us, we just say a prayer and ask what we should do, and the Lord always guides us to someone that lets us in. He always lets us know that he's there watching and guiding and preparing people for us. We have two investigators that we are helping with their addictions to alcohol and smoking. I can really see the Atonement working in them and changing them. I have grown such a love for them and have a true desire to help them change. I know the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real and that through it we can all change and achieve our infinite potential. I love being here knowing that I am in the service of the Lord and knowing that I'm helping others! I love and miss you all. Thanks for the prayers and emails. Till next week!

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